A Hat Trick of New Sites Launched

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3 new client sites that I have been involved in have recently all launched within a few days of each other. All are for quite different clients with their own objectives but each driven by great content, effective SEO and relevance to the target audience.

Niche Legal Practice


APP Wine Law is a small law firm that specialises in legal services to the wine trade and in that is quite unique in the UK. This site was a revamp of an existing site and the main objective was to position the firm as a niche specialist, reinforcing its expertise, experience and unparalleled knowledge of the wine industry. In addition, Principal Andrew Park wanted to provide valuable content to visitors via a range of resources that can be accessed through the Knowledge Bank. The site includes a membership only area and a client survey which can only be accessed by invitation.

Boyd Butler, a leading legal marketing expert has already praised the site:

“Let me congratulate you on your website – a brilliant example of a niche website with great content.”

As well as writing the page copy I also conducted client interviews to create case studies and testimonials.

Protecting Businesses Offering Credit Terms


EC Credit Control creates bespoke Terms & Conditions and offers debt recovery services. While an international organisation, the UK division wanted a site that was specific to the needs of clients in this country. The brief was to create something that stayed within the specifications of the international brand while having a distinct UK feel in the way it communicated. As the only UK credit management company that also offers bespoke T&Cs the site also needed to reinforce this key selling point.

One of the driving factors was to create a blog that would allow us to post added value content – tips, advice, comment etc – to use as a basis for a new monthly e-mail newsletter which we will shortly start to distribute.

Inspiring Interior Design


The Design Team is a small interior design practice based in North Yorkshire. The brief for this site was to create a site that was largely visual due to the nature of their work but that offered enough content to demonstrate their expertise and inspire the target audiences as well as be optimised for search engines. Again, we incorporated a blog that the designers can use to express their love of design and reinforce their creativity.

The Role of the Marketer

My involvement in all of these sites was to set direction, create the right structure, write compelling, optimised content and, in the case of The Design Team, project manage the design and build of the site. All 3 sites were developed by different web designers.

Involving a marketing expert in the process of developing a website can have substantial advantages over working directly with a web designer. A marketer will set objectives and develop a structure and brief to meet those objectives. They will then develop the content, taking the burden of copy writing away from the client, and work closely with the web developer; driving the project through to completion which can reduce the need for the client’s involvement significantly. Many projects of this kind fail to get off the ground because the client has neither the time nor the skills to give the designer what they need. To get your web project moving just get in touch.

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