Are You Up For It 2?…

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Sarah Ainslie is Walker #2 in the Wakefield Hospice Midnight Walk!

In homage to my walker number (which only indicates when I registered and not my anticipated finishing position!) I am asking as many people as possible to pledge just £2 for me to complete the 6 mile course on 16th July 2011. This time it’s all about volume and not value! If I can get lots and lots of people to donate £2 we’ll still make a great donation to the Hospice plus I will look really popular on my sponsorship page (always a bonus)!

Go to to chuck your 2 quid into the pot. I have already promised to ‘upgrade’ my walk to the 10 mile course if I reach £100 so at the time of writing I only need 15 £2 donations to get there!

What’s £2? A sandwich, half a lager in a posh bar, a pint in a working men’s club?! You won’t even miss it.

(Bet you’re glad I didn’t get walker number 100!)

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