Blog Round Up – September

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As a lover of words, blogging is just about my favourite thing to do.

“But you hardly ever update your blog Sarah!”

Alas, ’tis true – just as a plumber never fixes the leaky tap, I am a little slack at updating my own blog. My bad. However, that does not mean I not blogging for I am busy producing blogs for my clients and other interests and I thought it would be a good idea to share some of these on here thereby showcasing the diversity of my blogging AND populating my own content – everyone’s a winner!

So here is my first installment of my Blog Round Up which I promise (I say promise, I mean will really try hard) to provide every month:


BurglarBlog Title: If you can see any of these items through your windows – move them immediately!

Source: Calder Security

This blog for security company, Calder Security, warns people about the dangers of leaving items visible from outside. This includes obvious things like valuables but also things like calendars and even suitcases. The purpose of the blog is to give people valuable content that they can use as well as reinforce the company’s status as home security specialists.



Care Show New Vision

Blog Title: Going to the Care Show? See us on stand H76

Source: New Vision

This is a newsletter type blog informing the company’s website visitors that it will be exhibiting at the forthcoming industry trade show, The Care Show. Its purpose is two-fold: firstly to encourage those who are attending the event to come to its stand; but also to demonstrate the importance of the healthcare industry to the company (healthcare is a relatively new sector for New Vision) and show that it is investing in it.


countdownBlog Title: Kitchen Trends Blog – September

Source: 3Style Kitchens

The Kitchen Trends Blog is a regular monthly blog series that I created as a device for adding regular, relevant content to this kitchen company’s page. September’s blog is all about getting prepared for Christmas! I know, the C word! Specifically it’s aimed at those who would like a new kitchen in for Christmas because September is a perfect time to start planning it. The piece allows us to reinforce the kitchen planning process as well as encourage enquiries to come in now, while kitchen sales are traditionally still fairly quiet following the summer, rather than waiting until October/November when it starts to get busy.





Blog Title: A Wakefield kitchen company with a Huddersfield kitchen showroom and a Harrogate kitchen showroom!

Source: 3Style Kitchens

This blog’s purpose was to promote the kitchen showrooms in Huddersfield and Harrogate that 3Style Kitchens uses. Not only is this useful information for potential customers looking to see the kitchens for themselves, it’s also great for SEO to use the keywords Huddersfield kitchen showroom and Wakefield kitchen showroom in this way to enhance location based search.



Blog title: Sex sells but can I sell sex?

Source: Perfume & Trumps

My own personal alter-ego blog. I wrote this following a work enquiry that got me a little hot under the collar – but probably not in the way you’re thinking! Written for no purpose other than as a funny story and my own personal musings!




Coming up in October

We have a couple of great opportunities for creating copy in October. It’s National Home Security Month this month so that gives me lots of options for creating interesting content for Calder Security that links directly into a national campaign. We also have the Care Show for New Vision so that will give us some interesting topics to cover.

Need some help with blogging or other online content?

I am available for hire (unless you’re in the sex industry!) so please get in touch if I can help keep your blog fresh and relevant – I can turn my hand to most subjects as you can see!



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