New Blogging Service Launched!

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Do you have a backlog of blogs (a back-blog?): lots of ideas but no time to get them written up? Perhaps you are lacking in inspiration for topics or you just feel your copy writing skills aren’t up to scratch?

A blog is a fantastic way to keep your website fresh with new content. The search engines love it and it’s a great way to engage your visitors and demonstrate your expertise but your posts need to be consistent (updated regularly), good quality, original and relevant.

Are you already feeling stressed out at the scale of the task? Many organisations struggle to keep their blog up to date, even those with dedicated marketing departments. This is why I have created a range of packages for businesses who want to maintain a high quality blog but find, for whatever reason, that it’s not feasible.

I offer a fully managed blog content service so whether you want just a couple of posts per month or a weekly blog backed up by social media activity I can do this on your behalf. You gain consistently updated content on your site without having to worry about fitting it in, your site gains valuable SEO and your visitors gain a much improved user experience, keeping them on your site for longer and driving them to take action.

For more information on my range of blogging packages, including costs, see my Blogging Service page.

If you are a web developer or trade partner and would like to offer this as a service to your clients get in touch for details of special discounts via my affiliate programme.

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