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Wakefield Businesses Buying Locally to Boost the Economy

Buy Wakefield is a ‘buy local’ initiative that I and a few other Wakefield based business owners have set up to encourage Wakefield companies to make a conscious effort to source their products and services from other Wakefield businesses where possible. The concept is quite simple – spend your money locally and retain investment within the region. This will help to boost the local economy and benefit the whole community. There are a number of additional benefits to buying locally as well including convenience, relationships and accountability.

The initial idea was inspired by Wakefield Council’s statistic that “for every £1.00 spent with a local SME the district benefits by at least £1.70” and started as a discussion on Linked In back in February 2013. We have created a brand that businesses can get behind and are building a following through social media. You can find us on Twitter and Linked In and we also have a website. We’re encouraging businesses to show their support by registering with us as a Buy Wakefield member, for which they get a listing on our directory which we hope Wakefield businesses will use as a source of providers when they next look to procure products and services.

The scheme has just been given a huge boost by being launched in the Wakefield Express, who is backing the brand as part of its wider buy local campaign which incorporates the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors in Wakefield. We are also seeing some organic developments including companies extending additional discounts and offers to members.

Next time you are looking to buy any product or service in your business just consider, could you buy this at comparable quality and price from a local provider? That is the spirit of Buy Wakefield in a nutshell. For further information please see the website or e-mail us at If you are already a member please spread the word!


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