EC Credit Control: Digital Strategy

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Client: EC Credit Control
Project: Digital Strategy
Activity: Optimised web copy, blog development, client e-newsletter

EC Credit Control offers bespoke terms and conditions of trade and debt recovery services. Having accumulated a sizeable database of opted in contacts, the company decided to maximise the opportunity to engage with this audience via a monthly e-newsletter. The strategy of the e-news was not to push a blatent sales message but to offer its audience – a mix of existing clients and prospects – something of value that they could apply to their own businesses. The objective was to establish EC Credit Control’s expertise and credibility while positioning it as the leading provider of T&Cs and debt recovery so that when businesses recognised a need for its services, EC would be the first choice.

To give us more scope to add value we developed a blog, with which to interact with the e-news campaign, and a whole new website, developed by Ascensor. Each month the blog tackles key topics within the field of credit management and terms that can be used as a valuable resource by recipients of the newsletter and visitors to the site. The capabilities and knowledge of the company are implicit but not overt.