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Pose your marketing questions to a professional consultant free of charge for one day only!

Got a burning question about marketing your business?

Not ready to get a marketing consultant on board?

Don’t have the budget to bring in a marketing specialist?

Just need to run an idea past a marketing expert?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions put 24th February 2011 in your diary. Given the opportunity what would you ask a professional marketer about your business? Consider this carefully as this week you will have the chance to do just that – absolutely free of charge!

On the 24th I will be holding a Marketing Clinic Day via my Facebook page. Between the hours of 9am and 5pm I will endeavour to answer any marketing questions posted on my business page free of charge, without obligation and with no ulterior motive!

So, want to launch a business idea but don’t know where to start? Tried a few marketing ideas but they haven’t worked? Want to target a new market? Want to improve your brand profile? Start thinking about what you want to ask now and consider your question wisely as I will be answering them on a first come first served basis and you may only get one shot (see conditions below). To get the most out of the opportunity I have put together a few tips below:

  • Be specific to your business. You can read up on pretty much any kind of marketing strategy and activity online; this is your chance to get advice from a marketing professional on how to apply things to YOUR business
  • Be specific in what you are asking. Ask a general question such as ‘how can I market my business?’ and you will get a very general answer which may not have a lot of value!
  • Provide a little background about your business and your target market so that I can provide a relevant response
  • Make yourself available on the day so you can read the responses to the questions and perhaps even take time to make plans for putting things into action!

If you haven’t already, ‘Like’ my page now (see conditions)

There are just a couple of conditions. Firstly you must be a fan, ie you need to have clicked the ‘Like’ button by close of play (5pm) on 23rd February. Secondly, you must be happy to post your question publicly on my page and for me to answer it in this way: I won’t be able to deal with questions privately on this occasion so don’t include any confidential information. Just to cover my ample behind I have to say that I will do my utmost to answer all questions posted but this will obviously depend on volume and nature so for this reason I may not be able to go into a lot of depth. If volume is high I may need to limit people to one question each so consider yours carefully! Also, of course, any offensive, non-relevant, spam comments or blatant plugs will be removed.

Get your thinking caps on and I will (hopefully) speak to you on Thursday!

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