Just Theo and Me-O

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Sarah Ainslie and Theo Paphitis

PlusĀ around 300 other #SBS winners but who is counting?!

This is me picking up Theo Paphitis’ Small Business Sunday (#SBS) award from the man himself. I was there on behalf of a client of mine, MonitorGO Ltd. #SBS is an initiative that Theo runs on Twitter to promote SMEs and give them a platform. Each Sunday he invites businesses to send a tweet about their business and he choose his favourite 6 to retweet to his 400,000+ followers. There is also a lot of peer support and an annual event that goes with it and that’s where I was on this photo.

MonitorGO is a great business to be involved with and I have worked with them from the very beginning as a start-up. They have created a new kind of personal alarm device for the elderly which combines a range of features that have never been seen before on a single device. This includes things like fall detection, location finding and unconsciousness alert. It’s built on a mobile phone so it can be taken anywhere which means that you’re not restricted to your home as you would be with a traditional pendant alarm.

Remember, you heard it here first!

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