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Forgive me blog readers for I have sinned; it has been *ahem* quite some time, OK flipping ages, since my last blog…

“Keep your content up to date, fresh and interesting through your blog and news pages. Update weekly if possible – neglecting your site once the initial page copy has been created is a big no no. Search engines love fresh content and so, in fact, do your visitors!”

Yes, those words were mine on a blog on this very site offering tips on how to make your website work hard and yes it seems I have been a bad blogger; neglecting my blog and failing to heed my own words of wisdom (and wise words they are, if I do say so myself!). What can I say; I feel I have let you down, let my blog down and let myself down.

So, why has it been so long since I last posted? Have I been tempted back into employment and given up my business? (good god no!); have I become jaded and sceptical of the power of blogging (not at all); or have I become overwhelmed with the demands of running a business and being a mother to two small ladies and lost my mind? (well perhaps a little but nothing new there!). No, the reality is that I have been so extremely busy with client work that I have taken my eye off the ball when it comes to my blog. It’s slightly pathetic and dull but that’s the truth.

The Blogger ‘Behind the Scenes’

I have, however, still been a busy blogger. I fact I’ve never blogged as prolifically, just not for myself! I am now blogging regularly for several businesses; a development that has required me to turn my writer’s hand to quite a diverse range of topics – breakdown recovery, women’s business support, terms and conditions and debt recovery. Some of which I already had an interest in, some I’ve had to dig deep and with and start from scratch (who knew that the Consequence of Default Clause could be so interesting? No, really!). Here are some of my favourite blog posts from the last few months:

What’s the Worst that can Happen? – blog post for EC Credit Control. This client writes bespoke T&Cs for businesses and they understand that many companies put off having their terms done properly due to cost, time or just underestimating the value of having them. This blog looks at the potential consequences of not having terms and demonstrates why they are important.

Don’t Be A Fool Over Fuel! – blog post for Road To Recovery. This client offers national breakdown cover and is keen to engage with UK motorists. We capitalised on the issues caused by the recent threat of a fuel strike by creating this blog that offers advice for motorists should a strike happen as well as add a little humour. Road to Recovery is the UK’s cheapest breakdown cover so we know that its customers are cost conscious but want peace of mind so fuel is a topic that they feel strongly about.

Come one come all, join the Forward Ladies Community – blog post for Forward Ladies. Forward Ladies is a support network for professional women and this post was created as part of a larger campaign to reinforce the key benefits of becoming a member and the values that make the organisation different to other networks. This particular post focused on the inclusivity of Forward Ladies and how women don’t have to meet criteria to join. Others in the series looked at value for money, being non pressurised, their approach to networking and the benefits beyond pure networking.

Hello, hello, it’s good to be back…

While I have certainly kept my blogging ‘hand in’ on everyone else’s blogs, and that will continue for the forseeable, I do realise that I must practice what I preach. A blogger who neglects their own blog is like the builder who never does home improvements so I repent of my sins and pledge to blog as I should be blogging so watch this space…. the prodigal blogger returns!

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