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Having written guest blogs for other sites and encouraged clients to create their own blogs to help build their brand, create a ‘personality’ for their business, entertain/inform/engage with their customers and of course help their SEO I eventually had to face the fact that this was a clear ‘do as I say and not as I do’ situation! You know how it is, the interior designer’s house is always the last to get an overhaul (and I should know being married to one *gnashes teeth*!) and well, I’ve just been so preoccupied with my clients’ marketing activities that mine have not so much slipped down the list of priorities as wilfully dive bombed off it kamikaze style!

I have now given myself a good talking to and made myself a promise to mend my ways and practice what I preach so here it is – my fabulous new website and blog! OK so the blog isn’t all that fabulous yet being that this is the one and only solitary post but very soon it will be positively teeming with articles, comments, opinion pieces and possibly a few random ponderings thrown in for good measure!

Hot topics to come will be marketing issues such as ‘is SEO killing copy writing?’, ‘what makes a successful marketing plan?’, ‘top tips for key areas of marketing inc direct mail, website development, e-marketing, social media, advertising, branding etc’. I’ll also be looking at business topics such as ‘why use freelancers?’, ‘engaging with customers’ and ‘engaging with employees’.

As well as being a shining beacon of excellence in marketing, *tongue slightly in cheek*, I am also a work at home mum, or “WAHM” as we are often known, so I’ll also be sharing my experience, views and (hopefully) expertise on what it’s like juggling running a business with looking after a young family – look out for my guide to how a one-woman-band CAN take maternity leave (you really can, I did it!) and still grow her business in the meantime plus lots of other mummy related topics and probably a few ramblings!

I hope that’s given you enough to whet your appetite. New posts will be coming really soon so I hope you’ll come back and see if you like them! Please leave your comments and subscribe to the RSS feed and I promise to take my own advice and keep on blogging!


PS Big thanks to my wonderful web designers, ego, for creating this lovely blog and website (for design wise it is already fabulous even in the absence of content!). Check out www.designbyego.co.uk

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