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I am pleased to announce that I have been appointed as a Guest Editor on parenting resource site www.familyvie.com! I have been asked to contribute content, both my own and third party posts, within the Work and Money area of the site; in particular the Working Parents and Small Business Advice topics.

www.familyvie.com is a hub for information on all things family that is posted, shared, commented¬†and voted on by parents. It’s a great place for sharing articles, blogs and posts that you think would be of interest to other parents whether that be items you’ve found on the net or original content you’ve created. Visitors are encouraged to vote for posts – the more votes, the higher the prominence on the site! Contributors also accumulate points the more they interact with the site.

I was invited to take on the role of Guest Editor for the Work and Money section due to my duel roles of business woman and mum and my profile on social media platforms and blgging activity.

Caroline Hugh, founder of www.familyvie.com said

“I have been looking for expert editors to help ensure that a great selection of useful and informative articles are posted on familyvie.com. I approached Sarah to work on the ‘Working Parents’ and ‘Small Business Advice’ sections as she has impressive credentials in this sector, not the least being that she has already established her own successful business whilst balancing her family responsibilities. Her entertaining and insightful writing style suggested to me that she would make an excellent editor. I’m delighted that she agreed to bring all these qualities to the familyvie.com team.”

You can view my contributions on the site by searching under my two profiles: @edsarah and @sarahainslie.

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