Freelance marketing services West Yorkshire

Having come through some tough times for small to medium businesses, most now acknowledge that marketing is an essential function for any business to be successful. Gone are the days when you could rely on recommendation and reputation alone to continue to provide a stream of new business, and maximise the customers you already have.

I am a freelance marketer, copy writer and blogger, based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. I work with SME businesses to provide all the services that you would expect from a marketing manager in a way that is flexible and affordable.

A freelance service works perfectly for small to medium businesses in a way that employing a marketing manager or using a marketing agency often cannot. Why? Read more about out WHO I AM and HOW I WORK.

Reading my website will not provide a killer marketing solution, but talking to me might. Call me on 01924 820273 and tell me about your business.

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