How Does Freelance Marketing Work?

Possibly every freelance marketer works in a slightly different way and often they will work in different ways for different clients. The greatest virtue of working with a freelancer is the flexibility; I will try to accommodate the needs of different clients and how they want to work with me.

Some want to be very hands on and involved in the process; meeting up regularly and being involved with decisions, sometimes even working on their premises. Others prefer me to be autonomous in the delivery of the marketing plan with the occasional update. Some fall somewhere in between. I will work in whatever way suits you and your business.

How do charges work?

I generally work on an hourly rate. If I conduct work on an ad hoc basis, just as and when you need help, that would be charged at the full hourly rate. If you require a more consistent, on-going service I can work on a retained basis – delivering an agreed number of hours every month. The more hours per month and the longer the term committed to, the more discounts apply to that rate. A full break down of these rates is available on request.

How do we start?

The starting point for most businesses, unless they have a very specific need and already know what they want, is to create a marketing strategy and plan. This examines the business’s strengths and weaknesses, its resources, its objectives and a strategy for achieving them. From this I would work with you to set out a tactical marketing plan. This would determine the kind of on-going commitment you would need for me to deliver it. I’m not the kind of consultant who would draft some fantastic tome of a plan and then leave you to it!

What kind of marketing work would I do?

I would basically offer the kinds of services that you would expect an employed marketing manager to be able to deliver – from strategy and planning through to writing web content, social media and campaign delivery. I particularly love copy writing and this element often features strongly in my work (for where would any marketer be without good content?!).

You can see the range of services I offer here.


The bit that comes before all of the above is a conversation. I can discuss your needs over the phone or come and see you to get a better idea of what you need and explain what I can offer. All initial discussions are free of charge and without obligation. Get in touch with me here or call 01924 820273.