Website Content Management

You may be familiar with the phrase ‘content is king’? Content IS king because content is the substance that determines the success of websites, blogs, social media and a host of other online marketing activities. Search engines seek out websites that have good quality content. ‘Good quality’ is defined, among other things, by how informative it is, how original it is, how up to date it is and how popular it is. To fulfill all this, you need a good content manager.

Managing quality website content for small to medium businesses

As an experienced copy writer, I have been managing online content for clients for many years. I can create content that meets all of the above criteria for most industries, even if it’s unfamiliar to me initially: I currently write about security, kitchens, law, wholesale glass, design, health & safety, signage, dementia friendly products and elderly care – quite a mix!

Having a proactive content plan is the best way to rank well in search engines and therefore be found by those looking for your products and services.

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