Employed v Agency v Freelance Marketer

I’m assuming that, having found your way to this page, you know you that your business needs marketing of some form. That’s a good start. I’m also assuming that you have realised that your time is better spent running and leading your business than trying to do the marketing yourself and therefore, you need some help.

The question is, what kind of marketer do you need?…

You have 3 main options:

  1. An employed marketing role
  2. A marketing agency
  3. A freelance marketer

Each option will work well for different organisations, because every company’s situation is different, but for a small to medium business (and I may be slightly biased here!), using a freelancer often provides the most flexible and affordable solution.

Here’s why:

Employing a Marketer

If you have the budget, employing your own marketing person could be good for you but it’s a big commitment and a pretty rigid arrangement that doesn’t necessarily allow for your changing needs. You also need to determine the level of the role; do you save money by employing someone starting out in their career or face the cost of hiring an experienced marketer? Who will manage that person; do you have the time or the skills?

Using a Marketing Agency

Agencies are great because they offer lots of resources. Agencies are not great because they offer lots of resources. What I mean by that is their very advantage could also be their disadvantage. Lots of people with different skills can create a well thought out, balanced solution but it can also create extra cost, a less than consistent approach and key areas delegated to junior staff. If you are a smaller client for them, your needs may not always be their highest priority.

Engaging a Freelance Marketer

A freelancer offers the best of both worlds. You get the benefit of a highly qualified, experienced marketer without the commitment or the cost. You get a flexible service where you only pay for productive hours (no holiday pay, no sick pay, no chatting-for-half-an-hour-making-a-cup-of-tea pay!). You still get a consistent service and you don’t have to deal with sales people or office juniors – just the person who is directly managing all your marketing activity. You can see how I work here.

… the answer (therefore) is a freelancer!

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