Marketing Mentoring

Some businesses want to retain a greater level of control than simply outsourcing all their marketing activities to a freelancer. They may have an internal member of staff that has the potential to step into a marketing role but lacks skills or experience. Mentoring is all about working closely with that individual to involve them in the process and gradually nurture their skills to allow them to take over delivery of marketing activities.

Marketing mentoring for small to medium businesses

I can work with internal staff to give them skills and knowledge to take responsibility for marketing. I’m not a trainer – I work closely with individuals or teams to show them how to become more marketing minded, create a marketing strategy and plan and develop their skills to deliver it. Every business is different so each programme is tailored to the needs of that organisation.

Call 01924 820273 or contact me to discuss how I can help develop the marketing skills of your staff.


Customer quote

“Thanks to the Marketing Mentoring Programme that Sarah has delivered I really have so much more of a better focus about where we stand alongside our competitors and generally where we are in the market. I understand much more about what we offer and am now really enjoying my work and have great hopes for the future. I think that Sarah is great to work with. Its so nice to have a focus and some support instead of just ambling along on my own!”

Customer quote

Jill Evans
Planet Media