Blog Round Up – November, December, January

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So, things have been pretty busy over the last 3 months, so I’m condensing my blog round ups for November, December and January into one uber blog round up!


Here we go…


Christmas home security tipsBlog Title: 31 Christmas Security Tips
Source: Calder Security

Christmas is just like, err well, Christmas for burglars with rich pickings to be had in terms of gifts they can take and extra opportunity to do so. Because everyone is busy over the festive period and burglary is probably not what’s on most people’s minds, I put together a little home security tip for every day in December. These were posted each day on Facebook, Twitter and on the Calder Security blog. Written specifically for the Christmas period they offered easy, small pieces of advice that all could follow to keep their homes secure. This specific post is the full list of all tips, posted at the end of the campaign. It gave customers some really useful advice and it also created lots of activity on our social media channels.


keyless carBlog Title: How to prevent your keyless entry car being stolen via relay crime
Source: Calder Security

Another one for Calder Security, this issue is a growing problem where thieves don’t even need to enter your property to steal your car. This has proved to be a very popular post with many people not being aware that this can happen. We were able to raise awareness of the issue while also presenting a solution that the company can provide ie keep your keys in a safe to prevent the radio frequency being picked up with their devices.




Dementia signageBlog Title: Applying dementia design theories in care homes
Source: New Vision

This post was written in response to a care industry trade media article on designing dementia friendly bathrooms. The piece picks up on how dementia friendly principles are fairly universal and can be applied across a range of areas within a care setting in a similar way. Within the article we look at those theories and show ow they relate to different elements of creating a dementia friendly environment. This post demonstrates the knowledge that New Vision has about creating environments for people with dementia, as well as applying them to a care home setting which is a key potential area for the company.


IcicleBlog Title: How to prevent condensing boilers breaking down in cold weather
Source: is a new client I’ve recently started working with. They are a local firm of plumbing and heating engineers who already do a lot of work for insurance companies and want to generate more direct business with private customers. This blog addresses a common issue when the weather is very cold of condensate pipes, outside the property freezing up and causing the boiler to stop working. The post explains how to recognise that this has happened and what to do. It also details how you can prevent it happening. A post of this nature is optimised well for people searching for advice on this issue while also demonstrating’s expertise.


Langham slate and Mayfair kitchenBlog Title: Splicing kitchens: kitchen combos that look amazing
Source: 3Style Kitchens

This piece presents the option of combing two different kitchen ranges in one design scheme. It’s not something that most people are aware can be done and the results can looks really good, especially if the two contrast in terms of style or colour. It can create a really contemporary feel and work for lots of kitchens. The purpose of the post is to show design inspiration and demonstrate the kitchen company’s creative flair.


Coming up in February

New Vision is exhibiting at a trade conference in March at which it will be pushing a re-designed and upgraded product so expect lots of content to support that and there seems to be no end in sight to this cold snap so that will no doubt influence’s output as people struggle to keep their plumbing and heating going.


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