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New Vision SignageCombining Signage with Dementia Friendly Products

New Vision is a signage and graphics company based in Bradford. They have been in the general signage industry for many years but have diversified in recent years into dementia friendly products for hospitals. A bit random you may think? Actually not really. This new opportunity presented itself when a client, Bradford Royal Infirmary, asked whether they could adapt their wall murals to be more dementia friendly and could they offer any other suitable products for a new dementia ward that they were working on. This project went on to win a design award for innovation. That was the start of a journey that led them to create a range of dementia friendly products, from those that weren’t too far from what they were doing already, such as dementia friendly signs and wall graphics, and those that were really quite different such as memory boxes and digital fish tanks.

I started working with New Vision in early 2015, as a Growth Voucher scheme approved adviser. The brief was to help them push the Health side of the business – products aimed at hospitals and care homes including, but not limited to, the dementia friendly range. My first job was to devise a marketing strategy and plan and from that we identified that a key priority was to create a new website that better represented what they could do, that showcased both sides of the business while keeping messages clear to distinct audiences, and to demonstrate their expertise and innovative approach to healthcare signage products.

Previously the company had two separate websites for the two sides of the business. Both with their own branding and design and very distinct from each other. The sites had not been kept up to date and didn’t do their experience and expertise justice. Working with web developers, Brainstorm, we created a site that showed the two sides very clearly but┬áthat used clever branding to distinguish them and allowed the two different audiences to clearly navigate to relevant information.

Both sides of the site feature the range of products offered, case studies and blog areas. Being very visual products, we also have various galleries of work.

As well as creating the brief for the site, I project managed the development of it and wrote all the content. The client is extremely pleased with the finished website and work will continue to consistently develop it and use it as part of our on-going content strategy.

You can see the finished website here.


New Vision wall murals

New Vision

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