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MYCCI Services Get An Overhaul

I’ve recently been working with the Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce to create new copy to communicate their range of member services more clearly and consistently. I have written copy for a new Members’ Guide, an A5 ‘quick guide’ of all the Chamber Services intended to provide a brief overview of everything available, and I’ve created optimised web copy for the Chamber’s website.

We’ve used some common headings of What?, Why?, How? and More to allow members to very quickly find the information they need and get a clear understanding of what each service is and how it will benefit their business. We’ve also included a Why Mid Yorkshire Chamber? heading to demonstrate why the Chamber is best placed to offer that service against its competitors.

Prior to this upgrade each service was written slightly differently (many having being created at different times) and descriptions did not always address the key questions that members had such as ‘how does this service benefit my business?’, ‘how does it work?’ and ‘what do I do now?’. There is now absolute consistency across all services with benefits clearly communicated and signposting to next steps.

The Members’ Guide is still in production but the website copy is now live and you can see it here.

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